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Bunny Malkavian

Anime: I am currently watching Naruto Shippuden. Sailor Moon was my first anime. It reminds me of the good times as a fifth grader pretending to be Sailor Venus on the playground. Ouran High School Host Club is awesome, so is Death Note and Princess Jellyfish.

Games: I was a part of the Pokémon craze in 1999, but didn't learn how to play the card game until 2015. I enjoy Magic: The Gathering too.

Professional: I have a bachelor degree in journalism and art. I am working on launching my photography business after the new year in 2021.

Personal: I am a member of Level Up Church in Memphis, TN. Level Up is part of the Southern Baptist Convention and makes a special mission to reach geeks/nerd/gamers to provide a welcoming environment to worship and learn about Jesus.